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Motorised Drift Trike-Parakeet Green-Red Anodised

$2,349.00 inclusive of GST

Available on back-order

This is a Motorised Drift trike that has been proudly Built and manufactured right here locally in Australia by Queensland Based Drift Trike Factory.

Available on back-order


Motorised Drift Trike By Drift Trike Factory Parakeet Green Red Anodised Aluminium Parts with Black Triad Seat colour combination.

We are running out the last of our leftover 2016 Stock so get in now whilst we have heavily reduce our price for our welcome 2017 Sale.

This is a Motorised Drift trike that has been proudly Built and manufactured right here locally in Australia by Queensland Based Drift Trike Factory.

Please note that our Motorised Drift Trikes are not a cheaply made Chinese Import sold at Over the Top margins by greedy local middlemen either.

We Custom build your Motorised Drift trikes in any Colour, Shape or Form for our valued customers around the world and we also supply the parts to a many of the Do it Yourself Drift Trike @ home Builders world Wide.

We will Powder coat your Drift trike Frame in just about any Colour we have hundreds of colour combos so get creative why have a drift trike that’s the same as everybody else’s.
Add some horsepower or ask us to do something different

We can also supply you with just about any type of upgrade to compliment your drift trike and make it go faster and better. We build everything right here in Brisbane you have the complete piece of mind and we give the absolute best after sales service available so if and when you’re ready to upgrade and go more power be it 10HP or 16hp or 21 HP or even more crazy (maybe going and trying one of our big 58hp turbo E.F.I 440cc motor. Who needs sleeves anyway?)

Another important point to consider is that we build and Manufacture these Motorised Drift Trikes right here in Australia using the highest quality Australian Steel.

All Drift Trike Factory Frames and motors come with our standard 12 month warranty and start amazingly easy every time.

Please feel free to check the quality of our motors that we use because we only use the best 7hp Honda Clone Motors that there are available and so because of that we also stand proudly behind the warranty should anything go wrong with your Motor.

We also are happy to build for our customers much higher revving higher horsepower turbo motors should you require more power to beat your mates with.

All our Drift trikes even our most basic models will still come standard with Solid Drivelines including DID Quality 420 Chains O ring chains and GE rated Upgraded Clutches.

Most of our competitors use paper thin number 35 chains and they usually snap the first time you ride them because they are actually meant for industrial applications and not high performance track applications like are required with using and riding on Motorised Drift Trikes

We also only use and have installed only the best quality High Quality Hydraulic Brakes both front and Rear.

Our Axles are the toughest and strongest Axles to be found anywhere on Motorised Drift Trikes that there are available and they measure in at 40mm and are still remarkably light too. 40mm are also a common Go Kart size and so it’s a lot easier to get replacement parts down the track should you ever need them.

Please be careful if you buy 30mm size axles as they are not an easy or common size to get parts for and the price for replacement parts is usually double anything that 40mm axle parts are.

So what colour trike are thinking is you all over?

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Drift Trike Factory
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Motorised Drift Trike
AUD 2349.00
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Weight 78 kg
Dimensions 190 × 110 × 80 cm


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